Saturday, March 10, 2012

Let's go!

This first blog post is long overdue....but better late the never.  Last year I decided to drastically change my life.  From living in the same house, in the same small town in New Jersey, I decided to pack up my car, and head out to see the country with one of my closest friends.  Our destination...Hawaii, via LAX.  I'm blessed to have a family that supported my leaving a good job with the government, and heading to the unknown- with no job, and no place lined up.  My amazing parents are the type of people who support anything their kids want to do...and for a big dreamer like me, nothing could mean more.  I mean, if you're going to go, go big right?  I think most people at some point in their lives have the thought to pick up and start all over again somewhere.  Well, I was tired of having that thought and not acting on it.  Thirty looms in the close distance, and eventually I'll probably have tons of responsibilities keeping me in one place (i.e. kids, husband, etc), and I want to make sure I'll have no regrets when that time comes.  The hardest thing I've ever done was leave my home.  For months it felt as if the date would never get here, and then, just like that, it did.  It's been just over a week, which is hard to believe.  I miss my family, to say the least.  But I've seen so much...the world is so big, this country is so big, and yet most people only get to see a small portion of it.  I plan to record my adventures in this blog, from traversing the country, to living in "paradise".

Stay tuned...


  1. My Amazine Beautiful Princess.Two people could not be more prouder than us of you.Your mother and i whish you's the very best on your journey.May you find what it is that your looking for in life my love.May your destiny take you to nothing but HAPPINESS AND SUCESS.My Princess no matter ware your at it could be the MOON, or what you do my love you will alway's be sucessful.Because you are a Beautiful Intelagent and loving young lady.We are so so very very proud of you!!!!!! Love You Mom & Dad. GO GIRL!! PS We like the dancing with the cowboy look's good.

  2. Hola mi Angelita! It's eXactly one month since you made this first post and I am glad I can catch up with your world in this way and can follow your travels. You are absolutely amazing! I admire your drive to eXplore, take risks, and pursue your dreams. Enjoy your pursuit, take good care, and keep in touch <3