Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Colorado...Seven Falls edition

From Kansas we were on to Colorado...or Colorful Colorado!  Though I would have loved to take advantage of the snow and tried out snow boarding, it's a little difficult to bring suitable clothes and gear for cold weather activities when you're moving to Hawaii.

Anyway, after looking through some brochures from a rest stop (those things come in handy sometimes), we decided we would head to Colorado Springs.  Once we got there we happened upon this absolutely amazing diner.  Our waitress was way past nice...and the pancakes were nearly bigger than my head!  No really...look:

After our meal, and yes, the pancakes did beat our defense though we both ate more than the pancake (we should've listened to the waitress when she said we could share one!), we were beyond full...but, we decided to head over to Seven Falls and climb 224 steps.  Some might say we should've done those two things in reverse (Jas did say this actually, silly girl), but that really wouldn't be living on the edge now would it!  

Let me say that some of the signs entering the falls do not exactly leave you with the most comforting feelings...But the steps ended up being not bad at all, well, they took a bit of a bigger toll on Jas but don't tell her I told you.  Unfortunately, since it's winter, only the back steps were open, so after we came back down we had to take the elevator up to see the other side...but we made it, and for our efforts the gift shop rewarded us with these handy dandy patches:

Also, since it's winter, parts of the falls were iced over.  It kind of made for interesting sites, though I would like to see them during the peak season.  Especially at night, since their lit up during the warmer months.  But it was really great to enjoy the outdoors, as a lot of our trip had been spent indoors.  After taking on the steps I was nice and warmed up and ready to go running or something, but we had more to see...
the stairs we climbed are in the back

And the adventure continues...

Stay tuned...

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