Friday, March 16, 2012

Colorado...Garden of the Gods edition

From Seven Falls we continued our outdoor activities and headed straight to our next sight, also in Colorado Springs (this town is pretty happenin'!)...the Garden of the Gods, a pretty amazing garden of natural rocks.

I know, you're probably thinking, 'rocks..that doesn't sound so awesome'....well, these aren't the type of rocks you get from the backyard.  They're more like, holy crap how does such a beautiful thing form so naturally kind of rocks.  It really is a garden like nothing else I've ever seen.  And I really love the fact that it's named a garden...normally you associate gardens with flowers, but they're not really needed for it to be a garden.  I think it's a fitting name for a beautiful place.
the kissing camels

I love this picture...because you can actually see the sun rays:
So, as beautiful as the garden was, Jas and I couldn't help but notice something.  It was a pretty nice day, not too cold, but not exactly warm.  The wind made it a little colder, but when you were in the sun it helped.  But, we clearly were one of the few who were effected by the weather.  As you can see from the picture, I have a long sleeve shirt, with a hoodie over it, and a hat on.  We were slightly bundled, and yet we saw people walking around in shorts, or t-shirts.  It made us think, well maybe this is like "summer" for them.  And it also made us feel like we had a sign on our back that read "we're not from 'round these parts".  But that's ok...I don't think anyone really thought we were locals anyway!  We walked around for quite a while.  Trying to match the different names for the rocks that were posted on signs all around to the actual rocks we were looking at.  But, the signs didn't have that little dot with the "You Are Here" memo.  I mean, why wouldn't you include that!  How do we know where WE are?!  So, we figured out a few names (the easy ones), like for the kissing camels rock, for the white rock (I mean that's pretty self explanatory)...but some of the others we weren't so sure about, we changed our mind at pretty much every sign we stopped to look at.  Ah well...we tried. Another beautiful sighting.

And the adventure continues...

Stay tuned...

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