Thursday, March 22, 2012

Four Corners, USA!

Have you been in four places at once??...I have!
And clearly, by the look on my face, you can see how excited I was!  I mean, how often do you have the opportunity to be in four places, four states, at once?  In the United States there is only one opportunity for that, and that is right where I stood in this pic.  Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona all meet in this one spot.  This landmark is managed by the Navajo Nation, so all along the monument you can find little stands where you can purchase so many beautifully handmade items.  I got a lovely little dream catcher necklace (I have a thing for dream catchers) and Jas got a pretty awesome bracelet.

So what do people do at the monument....well, pretty much stand there waiting for their turn to take any number of pretty ridiculous pictures!  One family had two little girls, and the one girl, the older girl, was shy and didn't want to be embarrassed...the younger one though, she was all about being the center of attention!  She didn't care one iota about being embarrassed...when do we lose that feeling?  When do we become so self-conscious and concerned with how other people view us?  Somewhere between childhood and adulthood we start to care too much about others opinions, and not enough about our own.  But I one pose this little girl did was a back when Jas dared me to do the same, even though I was being a copycat...I couldn't resist.

The other awesome part of the monument was the fry bread you could buy on your way out...YUM!  Frybread is a Native American food that tastes similar to funnel cake, but so much better.

In case I didn't mention it previously, the drive through the Colorado Rockies, to Four Corners, and from Four Corners to our next stop, was at times steep, with tons of twists and turns, and very remote.  Sometimes it took forever to get to a bathroom...and, we did go a little crazy in the car, have our own concerts etc.  So is the life of a traveler!

And the adventure continues...
Stay tuned...

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