Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Colorado Springs...Ghost Town Museum edition


Our next sighting in Colorado Springs was the Ghost Town Museum.  An interesting little place that preserves the life of the wild wild west.  I honestly didn't know what to expect when we walked in...but, it was definitely interesting.  My favorite part, without a doubt, was this shooting game...coming from a law enforcement background I was so excited when I saw it.  There was several little targets to hit and each one triggered something different.  Like the donkey in the picture would kick it's leg when you hit one of them.  You had a certain amount of ammo to try and hit every target.  Of course I did it, so the sign told me I was even better than Annie Oakley...thank you, thank you ::bow::

It was kind've crazy to see how life was back then...especially because it was not all that long ago.  For instance, this picture of what life was like if you were imprisoned...

And this picture of newspapers that are actually from the time  of Lincoln's assassination, and Garfield's assassination... 
on the right a girls tricycle; on the left a boys

1903 Cadillac 1 cylinder
Life has changed so much since then.

And the adventure continues...

Stay tuned...

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