Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A second family

I've been blessed with an incredible family...but I've also been blessed with an incredible second family- my friends.  As I mentioned in my previous post, some relationships have fallen apart with the move...but others have just grown stronger.  It's funny how distance can make you feel even closer to a person.  Lately, a few of my friends specifically have been effecting me deeply, in different ways.  When I created this blog I never imagined it would effect some of the people I love like it has, and I'm grateful for that.  Some people have gotten to know me even better through this blog...and I've learned that I've inspired some, and that both flatters, and humbles me.  There have been so many inspirations in my life, so to even think I've given anyone an ounce of inspiration makes me feel so fortunate.  Another unexpected benefit of the that when some of my friends can't sleep, for different reasons, I'm up!  I'm missing out on big moments in some friends lives, and to be able to do even this small thing makes me feel more involved.  Like through the distance, and across the pond, I'm still filling a void in their lives.

Today I got to speak for hours, to one of my favorite people in the world.  And he left me with so much to think about.  I love my friends for that.  They always have opinions and thoughts worth listening to.  I enjoy intelligent conversation, and I can never say that's lacking...I am in good company.  From this conversation, I somehow came face to face with feelings I was avoiding lately.  I had to admit to myself how much I miss a friend that I haven't spoken to for a while.  I'm tough enough...but, the people I sincerely love stay with me, and I can only avoid that for so long.  It sucks when you become close to someone, and then the relationship ends so unexpectedly.  But, as I mentioned before, I do believe in the reason season lifetime, I'm left thinking, if it's supposed to be a lifetime, in time the break in the relationship will heal.  Only time will tell.

Whatever the case, I am so genuinely thankful for my friends.  They love me past my flaws...and even when I forget, they remind me how important I am to them, and how much they love me...and I hope they know I feel the same.

And the adventure continues...

Stay tuned...

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