Monday, May 21, 2012

Awesometastic Saturday

This past Saturday, the 19th (my parents 33rd wedding anniversary!  Happy anniversary to them!) Jas and I had an action packed day.  The night before, I looked up some hikes on the island, because we've both planned to get into hiking.  There's so many things to do for free here, and most of them have to do with the outdoors which is awesome.  So, why not take advantage of it all.  My roomie wants to do Diamond Head...which is probably the most famous hike on the island, as do I.  But, while I have no doubt I can physically do it now, if for no other reason than I have the pride of a man and if I start I will finish, no matter the toll it may take on me...I know that the smart (and safer way) is to work up to more challenging hikes-  so I found a beginners trail, or at least that's what it was called online.  The location was just under an hour away from our place, in Hau'ula.  So after cleaning and seasoning a ton of meat, putting them in freezer bags and then putting them all in the freezer (if you don't do this, it saves a ton of time) we headed out.  On the way we passed the famous "Shrimp Shack" and decided we'd stop there on the way back...just another thing to check off our list of to-dos!  When we got there we were a little confused on where the trail started, but quickly found our way.

I don't think the trail was difficult really, but, for it to be described as 'for beginners', it was definitely more then I imagined.  It was, of course, beautiful.  It almost felt like throughout the hike you were in at least 3 completely different places...that's how much the scenery and the surroundings changed.  It's difficult to put into words how calming it is to be away from all the ruckus of everyday life, and replace the sounds of cars, sirens, tv's and people with birds singing, the wind rushing past your ears, trees swaying, and waves dancing in the ocean.  This hike ended up being just under 5 miles...and I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of it.  Including the moments where we questioned which way to go because part of the trail just wasn't exactly obvious!  I can definitely say that I look forward to more hikes...longer and more challenging ones.  And I also look forward to spending more time nurturing my relationship with nature.    It was a great way to spend another beautiful day in paradise.

left my mark

the ocean through the trees

On the way home, we finally got to the Shrimp Shack!!  And may I say, it was awesome!  After reading about this place, and seeing it on a food tv show, I had been waiting to get here....and now we can finally say we've been there!  The women who run it were all so sweet and nice.  And the food was complaints here!

That night, we went to a semi high class lounge here called Apartm3nt.  Once a month they team up with the Cherry Blossom Cabaret for a themed party, and the women from the Cabaret perform.  Both Jas and I enjoy Cabaret, Burlesque kind of shows so we were in as soon as we read the flyer.  (Have you seen the movie Burlesque? if not, you'll make you want to be a burlesque dancer!)  This month's theme was Animal Instinct.  There was also two birthday parties that night.  We had a couple drinks...some fries, (did I mention I always want fries when I drink?) and enjoyed the music.  The DJ was great!!!  Jas kept saying she felt old because we were rocking to tons of older music, but I didn't feel old at all!  I will definitely be up to going anywhere DJ Sho is playing!

the heels I was going to wear, till I remembered how uncomfortable heels are!
Jas always calls my arms "Jackie arms" I wanted to take a picture of them, and my nice shoulders and back...why not take advantage of them now before I get old and they go away!  Jas tried to copy me...ha!...but really she was just trying to show off her tattoo.

And the adventure continues...

Stay tuned...

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