Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Epic Weekend

This weekend was utterly awesome.  I know most of the country was partying because it was Memorial Day weekend, but that wasn't my reasoning.  Jas and I partied for four nights straight, and 3 of those nights were at Apartm3nt...the bar I mentioned in my "Awesometastic Saturday" post (do I overuse the word awesome, or is it ok when life just gives you a ton of awesome!?)...the bar we fell in love with that we found out was closing about 4 days after our first visit.  Sunday was it's last night, which was my reason for going out all weekend.  I can't say how great this place is.  What makes it great is the staff.  I think that's true of any place, or event, or any moment in life really.  It's not usually about where you are, but about who's there with you.  In this case the people were amazing.  From the bouncers, to the promoters, to the bartenders, to the servers, and everything in between, they were not only nice, but simply fun people to be around.  And they remember and recognize you from day one, or at least that was our experience for the most part.  It's sad to know that they'll all be going there separate ways now because together they made Apartm3nt the place to be.

I should also mention, I attempted to get in touch with my feminine side this weekend.  I've been a huge tomboy since I was a little girl.  I've never been a "fashionista".  Actually I've hated shopping for as long as I can remember...well except for shoe shopping, because shoes are my weakness (I get that from my mommy).  But, with the move, and all the changes that have been happening, and the changes I've been trying to make, I figured I would step out of my comfort zone.  I'll say this, I'm still not jumping for joy about shopping.  I'll admit I'm pretty cheap when it comes to unneeded materialistic things and hate spending so much money on clothes, but I realize that usually you get what you pay for...and, that things are just pretty expensive nowadays!  I'm never going to be the girl that goes shopping everyday, and combs through the racks for hours on end to find the hidden gem, or hits all the thrift shops known to man.  But I do love a good deal, and, I think I've learned to put a little more effort into it.  Don't get me wrong, I'm still a tomboy, but at least I can embrace the girlie side of me from time to time.

So back to those weekend details, Day 1, Thurday, was spent at Apartm3nt, where we chatted with the bartenders, a server, one of the promoters/guys at the door...I really don't know what his job was, I just know he was great!  Lots of drinks were had.  We'll call this the moderately drunk night.  Here it's so much different then home.  Back home I drove everywhere, so I was always the designated driver.  And even when I wasn't supposed to be I ended up being it because in truth, I don't trust other people to stay sober, but I do trust myself to get myself, and my friends, home.  But here, we take the bus everywhere, or walk.  In this case, every night we took the bus there and walked back.  Just another reason to love's proximity.

Day 2 was the only night not spent at Apartm3nt.  This night we headed into China Town, to 39Hotel, for what looked like a very interesting event.  Basically there was a live band playing to a backdrop of clips of Tim Burton movies.  If you know me well, you probably know I'm a Tim Burton fan...and more specifically a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp fan.  I have a slight obsession with Johnny Depp, and I think when him and Burton link up, it's simply magic.  Not to mention I'm a Helena Bonham Carter fan also, so the fact that she's been added to the Depp/Burton duo so often the past few years makes me happy.  The band was pretty dope.  By look, they were the most random three guys to ever make up a band.  But it worked.  Not to mention they had some really interesting, and different instruments.  We enjoyed a few drinks, and I enjoyed clips of several movies, including Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland, and Sweeney Todd (which I've always been in love with.)  It was a cool night.

Day 3, Saturday, we returned to Apartm3nt.  Compared to our first two visits here, I'd say it was a mad house.  Clearly all those who love the place came out for it's send off weekend.  As always, we enjoyed some drinks.  Did I mention the bartenders were freaking awesome!!  And, because it was it's last weekend pretty much everything was so cheap!!  This night we weren't really drunk, just happy.  Even though a drink got spilled on my brand new red blazer that I'm absolutely in love with!  Ugh!  And this night I wore heels...and I walked all the way home in them!  Some might not understand the magnitude of that...but for a girl who, though she loves heels, can just about count on both hands how often she has worn them in the past few years, it's big!

And now we come to Sunday, night 4 of 4, and the last day of Apartm3nt.  This night, we'll call, very drunk!  And all for a $30 tab!!!  If I thought the night before was packed, I was wrong...there was barely room to move without spilling your drink.  This night was filled with meeting so many random people!!  There were also several businesses a massage place with a woman giving out back massages, which both Jas and I got thank you very much!  There was also some company giving out raffle tickets'll never guess...breast implants!  I couldn't help but find that hilarious.  The night started with the woman from that company asking us to sign up and get a free make-up bag and enter the running for the free boobs.  As she was talking to Jas one of the bouncers was explaining to me what she was trying to say, that she was giving out a chance for a free boob job.  Well, I couldn't give up that perfect opportunity could I?  I asked, innocently, "are you trying to tell me something"...and this over 6 ft tall, over 200 lb Hawaiian mans face dropped as he tried to remove the foot from his mouth!  haha  I started cracking up, as did the other bouncer behind him, as I assured him I was only kidding.  When a night starts like that, you just know it's going to be a good one.  Later that night the boob job came back around, in the form of a cute looking guy we named New Zealand, because he had an accent.  He somehow got suckered into helping the girl pass out raffle tickets for the contest.  He was clearly very nervous about this, as he hesitated to tell us what the contest was for.  It could've been a recipe for disaster with the wrong woman, but with his boyish charm, I have a feeling it actually was a good ice breaker for him.  Also co-starring in our night were two women from the Cherry Blossom Cabaret that we saw back on our first night there.  They remembered us because that night they laughed as this ridiculous woman (who really appeared to be on some kind of drug!) in a bathing suit, shorts, a floppy hat and swimming shoes drank by herself, with three drinks in front of her, and danced like she was in her own world, right next to us...and eventually came over to talk to us.  I let Jas do the talking.  I think I forgot to mention that in my post from that night!  Anyhoot, these chicks were pretty awesome, and we spent the greater part of the night drinking and getting to know each other.  The last part of the night I apparently spent harassing one of the bartenders I had been chatting with every night we were there...and forcing the aforementioned bouncer to take a pic with me.  Enjoy!  Oh, as a side note, I should mention, there was a random deck of cards on the bar, and when I cut the deck I ironically got the queen of hearts you see in one of the pics.  Go figure!

The best bartender ever! (top left) and our Cherry Blossom Cabaret friends!
some of the awesome staff!
We'll miss you Apartm3nt!!!

And the adventure continues...

Stay tuned...

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