Friday, December 14, 2012

My Happy Place

It has been a long, long time now that I have wanted to join the Crossfit movement.  Unfortunately, back home I was so far from any gym...not to mention, my crazy work schedule made it difficult to do anything outside our own gym at work.  But, here, it's like the universe made it perfect for me!  Our apartment is literally less than 1.5 miles away from a Crossfit gym!  They give free introductory classes, which I think is awesome, so I went to one on October 2nd.  I was ready to sign up then...but, to become a member you have to go through Elements, which is where they teach you the basics, and the right way to do the movements, and then of course you workout.  The cheapest Elements option is the group option, which is twice a week for a month, and it starts the first Monday of every month.  The day I went to the intro class was the Tuesday after the October Elements had started...they were giving a percentage off if you signed up and came the following day, Wednesday, for the second class of the group...but, that day was Jas's birthday.  So, I waited a month.  At the end of October I went back for a intro class.  After the intro class I signed up for November Elements.

So my November consisted of going to group Elements every Monday and Wednesday night.  The awesome thing is that you can also go to as many regular classes throughout the month at no extra cost. But, I was a little overwhelmed, and nervous, so I wanted to give myself time to learn.  Saturday of my second week in Elements I went to my first regular class, with my gym buddy from our Elements group.  Regular classes are basically just the WOD (workout of the day).  The rest of the month we came pretty regularly...and on the last Wednesday of the month we had our "graduation, which consisted of this wicked WOD called "Fight Gone Bad" that left us all on our asses.  It was awesome.

This month is my first real month as a member.  There are 5 gym locations on this island, and I can go to any of them.  I go 5 days a week, and on the other days I have to make myself rest.  I miss it when I'm not there!  I knew before I started that crossfit was the best thing for me.  I get so bored in normal gyms.  I walk in, I don't know where to start or what to do.  And then once I start, it's just boring.  I like being surprised by the WOD everyday.  I love being challenged.  I love sweating my ass off, and leaving there knowing I put in work.  And, I love the fact that there is always someone next to me getting there ass kicked too!  It's sounds corny, or cliche...but it's such a family feeling.  From that first night I walked into the gym, heard the music, and saw everyone working hard, I knew I was in the right place.  The fact that I want to go there ever day just supports my choice.  It's not the cheapest gym option, but, when something's right for you, I don't think money should be what stops you.

Part of our Nov Elements group after our "graduation" workout...pic courtesy of Crossfit Oahu

part of our "graduation" workout...pic courtesy of Crossfit Oahu

my gym buddy for November!

"Fight Gone Bad"...our "graduation" workout in a collage...pic courtesy of Crossfit Oahu

I could go on all day...if you know anyone else that does crossfit, they can probably go on all day too...but I'll stop there.  The only other thing I have to mention, is that, that first day I went to an intro class, it was important to me that I did it alone.  I'm not scared to be alone.  Most times I prefer it.  But I tend to get shy in large groups, and around people I don't know, which sometimes makes it hard for me to do a lot of social things alone.  This was a big step for me.  And of course, I became gym buddies with the one person from our Elements group that was moving back to the mainland!!  So, since becoming a full member, I've been "alone" again.  I say "alone" because everyday I meet someone new.  And everyone is so welcoming and helpful.  I started this alone, and I'm thankful for was good for me...but I never feel alone there.  It's my happy place through and through.

And from now on...I plan to not miss out on things because I'm waiting for someone else to do it with me.  Life lessons...we never stop learning.

And the adventure continues...

Stay tuned...

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