Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm back

I am finally getting a chance to write again, after an unanticipated hiatus.  Work training went ok...but the highlight of my three weeks off island was being able to go home.  It was only for about 36 hours...but such an appreciated 36 hours.  Aside from seeing a good deal of my family, including my parents and brother of course, I got to see baby girl, aka my niece who I posted about before...and her parents of course.  It's amazing what just a weekend home can do to your spirits.  Being home has a way of rejuvenating you.

I adore this baby girl

laughing for titi

Going home gave me a feeling I never felt before.  The only time I've lived outside of our house was for leaving was a completely odd, and new feeling.  It's only right that going back for the first time would also give me feelings I've been unfamiliar with thus far.  Walking into the house felt familiar, but strange, because for the first time, even though I'm coming home, I don't technically live there.  Little things had changed, and I wasn't around to see it happen.  Walking into my room, I felt a mix of emotions swell up inside me, and I had no idea which to deal with first.  My bed, my pictures, my books...27 years worth of me.  I feel like I've changed so much...being in that room was like the new me meeting the old.  One thing I can definitely say is that I remembered how much I missed my bed.  My beautiful bedroom set I bought only a few years ago.  But as much as I miss my house sometimes, and my things...they're just that...things.  Home is not the house, although there is a lifetime of memories folded into every nook and cranny of it.  For a girl who always sought to spread her wings, home is my parents, my family...they are my roots, forever keeping me grounded wherever I am, and wherever I end up in the vast world.

36 hours could never be enough...and yet it was everything I needed.

And the adventure continues...

Stay tuned...

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