Thursday, July 12, 2012

A hodgepodge of things!

Unfortunately my blog has gotten away from me a bit.  My excuse is life has kind of gotten in the way...and well, that's not exactly a bad thing!  So this post is going to be a big mess of a catch up!  To put it simply, things have still been going well.  I've been in work training since the 18th of June...currently I'm actually off island for several weeks of training.  Before I officially started I had to set up my little home office I have my desk, my work comp, and I'll soon have my work printer.  My desk was pretty much the first piece of furniture we got besides our little shelving unit we bought our first week or so.  But, just before I left we actually bought our first real piece of furniture!  A couch from this little spot I absolutely fell in love with called Michelle's Bali Designs.  Everything in this shop is so beautiful, and clearly handmade...I would deck the whole apartment out in it if I had the money to!  But, even having one piece is good for me!  We also finally bought our beds...woohoo!  By the time I get back the apartment will look more like home.  I'm not sure I'll even recognize it!

Aside from this spectacular news, I'm happy to report that Jas and I are still making time to have an actual life, even after we've both started working!  I know this probably doesn't sound like much, but for me, someone who previously got so wrapped up in work that work was my life, it's definitely an accomplishment.  We don't go crazy every night, but once or twice a week we go out and have a good time, meet some random people, and rack up another great story to share.  Here are a few pics from those kinds of nights:

at Champion's bar for Game 3 of the NBA finals

drowning our sorrows after the Heat won

bathroom art!

We also got to go to the state fair a few weekends ago.  We ate a ton, which means we had an f'n great time!  Initially we couldn't find the funnel cake, or the fried oreos or fried twinkies...and then, we turned a corner after maybe our first ride, and suddenly the stand was there, shining bright, beckoning us to come closer!!  It was like the universe smiled down at us and said, 'did you really think I'd let you come to the fair and not eat all this yummy goodness!'  We got on a few I got on by myself because Jas was too ::cough cough:: chicken ::cough cough::.  And I actually got on the ferris wheel, which I never, ever do.  I'm more of a petal to the metal type of girl and that thing just moves too slow for me.  But I got on.  The things I do for my roommate.  We also got to see a lion show, and a mini circus.  An all around good time!

the 2 rides I loved are on the right; clearly I was more impressed by them as you can see in the bottom right

this is my 'not at all impressed by the ferris wheel' face, as Jas is excited

lions, acrobats, and tumblers...oh my!

funnel cake, fried oreos, fried twinkies, caramel apple & funnel cake!  YUM!!

In early June we attended something called the Pan-Pacific Festival.  It's basically a cultural celebration with performers from both around the country, and around the world.  I got to see a pretty awesome high school jazz ensemble, some singing, a bunch of awesome hula, and lots of other acts.  My favorite was these three little girls doing hula...they were absolutely amazing...and completely adorable.

And, I made a friend, in the form of this adorable three year old little girl.  Jas and I are sitting there watching the show, and this little girl runs up and plops herself down right next to me.  After talking with her I realized her dad was sitting just a couple feet away, I smiled and nodded at him, happy that her parents hadn't just let her go running off.  I proceeded to watch the show and have a conversation with this cutie.  I learned that she was three, and going to be starting hula class soon, because she had missed the cut off for the last class.  I also learned that her birthday was in a few short weeks.  And that her sister was, as she put it, "just two" (with two fingers held up).  When her parents, and sister, came over to get her, she was not ready to go.  They gave her time for one last performance.  After that was done I looked at her and asked, "you have to go now?" she quickly responded "no!"... but begrudgingly scurried off at her parents insistence.  A few minutes later I looked up and saw her waving to me from the escalator.  She'll probably never know she made my day that day.

my awesome roomie snapped this pic of us

And lastly, I'm not sure if I've even mentioned this...if I haven't, shame on me!  But Jas and I are still loving our local farmers market!!  We go almost every week.  We get everything there, from lettuce, carrots, and kale, to pineapple, mango, and watermelon.  Not to mention some weeks we eat there and it's ALWAYS delicious!  Some weeks we get some awesome bread.  But every week we go we always end with an Ono Pop!  I'm pretty sure I mentioned them a few posts ago.  They're a little slice of heaven! 

To celebrate our jobs, just before I started we went to probably our favorite spot thus far, Side Street Inn (pretty sure I've mentioned it before when our friends came to visit) and ate a small feast!

To sum up...everything's not perfect....but, I'm sure not complaining about life in paradise.

And the adventure continues....

Stay tuned...

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