Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yelp Uncaged!

I have been a member for several years but I pretty much never use it.  For those who may not know yelp is a social networking site where people rate and review restaurants, shopping, nightlife, entertainment, etc.  You can search the site for any kind of business you might want nearby, and use the reviews to help decide where to go.  Anyway, Jas has also been on yelp for a while, but unlike me, she actually uses it.  So when we moved she changed over her location to Honolulu, and she got an awesome invite to an event title Uncaged at the Waikiki Zoo.  You had to RSVP and be was so popular apparently some people had to be put on a waiting list.  I was Jas's +1...yea!  So they asked for people to dress up in their best animal costumes, or in animal print clothing.  So of course, Jas and I set off to find some animal print.  When the day came, and I was all dressed, I felt like everyone would be staring on the bus!  Some boring people of course went in normal clothes, but there were some there in completely awesome costumes.  The zoo was lit up beautiful, and there were a ton of local vendors there with free samples.  We had some great food, treats and drinks.  Of course they had a best costume contest that was quite interesting also.  It was a pretty awesome event.  And I now actually use my yelp account, and look forward to future yelp events!!

you can see some of the awesome lighting
And the adventure continues...

Stay tuned...

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  1. Those lights look amazing, they need to do this in NY.