Saturday, April 7, 2012

Master Eater...turned Master Chef

So, I've always been relatively small, but that says nothing about how I eat.  Those who know me know my slender, athletic build has pretty much nothing to do with my eating habits, and a whole lot to do with my genes (thanks to my folks!).  But, with the move I hoped I would be able to both learn how to eat better, which will be helped along by Jas, who eats about 100 times better than me (I should mention the desire to eat better has zero to do with the way I look, and everything to do with health- I gotta try and be healthier now so I have less issues later), and how to cook!  In other words, become a Master Chef!  Or something like that.  I never really cooked much...well besides breakfast which is my favorite meal of the day, which I've been able to do for quite some time!  But the rest I knew would be a challenge.  I wanted to learn how to cook like my mommy...and my madrina (godmother), and my abuela (grandmother)...because those are the three women who influenced me the most when it comes to food.  So, I've been working at it.  I must say I don't think I've been doing too bad.  I'll be all ready to cook when my parents come to visit!

Before I show you the proof though, I must mention, our first couple food shopping outings left me slightly disappointed.  Everywhere we looked, unfortunately I saw no Goya products!!  Which meant no Adobo amongst other things.  To a Puerto Rican no Adobo is like chopping off a hand!!  Ok, maybe not that serious, but still, I was so sad about it.  The first night I seasoned meat it wasn't that same smell I loved...something was definitely missing.  Then on our first trip to Foodland (local supermarket) I found a few Goya products!!  I about jumped for joy...among them was Adobo.  It was a small bottle and it was not cheap, but still, there it was!  Then our way home the universe showered me with even more kindness!  A gem of a little spot called Mercado de la Raza just a few blocks away from our apartment.  It's a small store, but everywhere I looked there was Goya!  And, rice pots!  And maltas!  And nearly everything!  It was like a little slice of heaven.  We walked out sipping our pineapple sodas as I called my mom as giddy as a schoolgirl!

Here are some pics to prove I have been putting in work in the kitchen...first up, pancakes and bacon.  The first pic is fluffier pancakes, the way Jas likes them...the second is flat and crunchy, like I like em!

Next up, chicken breast, homemade fries and corn:

A quick breakfast for me:

Tacos!  with chicken, corn, black beans and cheese!

French toast, probably my fave, it's sad that I can almost eat a whole loaf by myself...when I used to make this for my brother and I we just about did that.  With it I made potatoes and bacon: 

And, baked potatoes with cheese and bacon (can you tell we love bacon?!), pork chops and corn.  I must say I enjoyed this one.  I'm learning that I'm a bit of a texture eater.  The bacon made this for me, that little hint of crunchy topped everything off.

Of course everything doesn't always go smoothly for me in the kitchen, but I'm definitely learning.  And I'm also learning to eat a little better...Jas has made me eat spinach, which did not go over so well I think because it was cooked,  And broccoli...ok, so I cheated and had a little cheese on the steps!

And the adventure continues...

Stay tuned...

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