Saturday, November 3, 2012

Gaining a Sister-in-law

My brother's wedding was a very emotional day.  And when I say it was an emotional day...that's putting it mildly.  All the women got dressed at my parents house...all the men, at my brother's.  My mom and I had a lot of alone time while the girls waited for the hair and make-up people downstairs.  I tried to be strong, because I knew my mom was constantly just a blink away from tears.  I think I managed to pull it off quite well for a while.  But my room was the bride's for the day, and so I didn't have anywhere to run off to alone and cry.  My mom had shed a tear here and there.  But while she was doing her makeup in the bathroom, I sat in her room, on her bench, looking out into the backyard and the tears flowed.  Of course, she walked in at that moment, and we cried together.  Cried for the little boy that was now a man...for the relationship we both have had with him, and the relationships we would now have with him.  Cried out of sadness...out of anxiousness...out of happiness.  My mom cried so hard she scared me a time or two.  I worried about her blood pressure all day.

The good thing was...I knew once we got past the ceremony, we'd both be fine.  But that was easier said than done. Getting to the church, both my mom and I struggled once we saw my brother.  From what I hear, my mom was doing what I call "the ugly cry" the whole walk down the isle. haha  Luckily I had my other brother to hold me down on my walk down the isle.  I did my best to look everywhere else while we walked...but at the end it was just my brother standing there.  I blew him a kiss, walked into the pew, and proceeded to have a minor breakdown.  Throughout the entire ceremony I shed tears on and off. My other other brother, another groomsman, proceeded to make fun of me the entire time, mouthing the words "cry baby" every chance he got!  My mom had a tougher time the entire ceremony, as my dad held her tight while making eye contact with me every few minutes to see if I was ok.

I know there's some people who would wonder, "why are they so emotional".  But, I think our emotions speak to how close our family is.  Latino's are known for putting family before all else.  And I think that's beautiful.  How could you not be so emotional when such a huge change is taking place.  Changing something that you've known your entire life.

But I digress...

After the vows were exchanged, and the bride and groom were introduced for the first my brother and sister-in-law prepared to walk down the isle, I caught eyes with my brother, and he mouthed to me "I love you".  In that moment, I was a little girl again.  Just a little girl, who looked up to her big brother, and wanted to be around him all the time.  Just a little girl who was happy to have the love of her big brother.  It's a moment I won't ever forget, and one I will always be thankful for.

After the ceremony...and after all the pic the reception everyone had a beautiful time.  We danced, we ate...I ate some more.  I love seeing my family all together.  My mom's side, and my dad's side...we're all one family, and I miss them all.  I relish the time we spend together.  And the night was beautiful, mostly because you could see happiness written all over the faces of my brother, and my new sister-in-law.

I am blessed, and I am so thankful I was able to be there.

I wish a lifetime of happiness on my brother and sister-in-law....and babies... preferably a boy first :-)

my gorgeous cousins

the 6 of us

blood couldn't make us anymore family.  I love my parents, my brother, and my other brothers

photobooth fun with my cuz

the bride and groom


I am forever proud of my big brother

And the adventure continues...

Stay tuned...

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