Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthdays and Rodeos

I'm behind on this blog...shocking I know!  I swear when I created it, I had all these high hopes about me writing constantly!  But, alas, life happens.  I don't complain about life happening though.  I enjoy the goings on of life.  But I am going to try to make an attempt to get better at this!

In early October my dad had a birthday.  I FaceTimed with him, but I couldn't physically be there to celebrate his, so I made sure to celebrate the one I roommate's.  Her birthday is just a few days before my dad's.  With the help of our pals, I think it ended up being a great birthday.  From finding new shirts from her favorite store in her closet, to having surprise cupcakes at our favorite bar, with trick candles no less...I think it was a good day.  And I'm thankful to our friends, and our pals at our favorite bar, Manifest...that crew can help make any birthday better.

missing the one with the candle she blew out

A few days later we headed to a rodeo at Kualoa Ranch!  I've always wanted to go to a rodeo.  It's kind of silly that I've never been, considering there was one on the way from my house to my college every week back home.  This was an all female rodeo.  They were pretty young too.  I guess the first thing I realized was that, I get really sad when I see them roping cows and all that.  I feel bad for the cows.  I mean, I know it probably doesn't hurt them like I think it does, but it still bothered me.  But, I had a good time nonetheless.  It's always cool to experience something new.  And Kualoa Ranch is pretty much everything here. As if you already couldn't guess this, we had some good food.  Oh, and I fell in love with the littlest, cutest cowboy you ever did see!!  He was only a couple years old, but the way he strutted around in his jeans, t-shirt, belt buckle and cowboy hat, while gripping that can of soda like it was a beer, just stole my heart!

my little cowboy love trying to help get the cows through the gate, still holding that soda!

After the rodeo was over, just before we headed home, we got to pet this beautiful horse.  I think it's safe to say she liked me.  Still on my list is going horseback riding...I'll get there!

And the adventure continues...

Stay tuned...

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